15 October, 2015

Central America

Island Girl continued her journey across Central America on Wednesday. On Day 25, she flew across the rest of Guatemala and then did something we haven't seen before.

For the first time that we know about, she flew right into El Salvador.

Usually she flies around this country during this segment of her migration. But yesterday, she flew across the entire country, turning east on the slopes of a volcano situated just northwest of the capitol city of San Salvador.

She covered another 521 km (324 miles) before crossing into eastern Honduras.

She selected another mountain ridge and slept at 2,822' elevation. Again, it appears that this area has been logged. The site is about 41 km (25 miles) south of the capitol city of Tegucigalpa and not far from the border with Nicaragua.

Her progress this year is similar to her fall migration from 2013 but about 9 days longer than in 2012.


ronny ruiz said...

There is a low pressure system affecting the Pacific Coast of Central America..Is this the reason why Island girl decided to take another direction this year?

Anna said...

It sounds as if this might actually be *adding* mileage to her flight. Wonder why she did it?


bejor77 said...

Hi, I chimed in to see how Island girl was doing and the map is empty, doesn't show the path. Is this my problem only or is everybody having it?

Anonymous said...

Same here.

ronny ruiz said...

That is a real shame. I was so excited following her journey....Why did it happen while she is in Costa Rica? Not fair.....