01 October, 2015

Crossing the Center of the Country

On Thursday, Island Girl continued south while crossing the rest of Missouri. She passed by St. Louis well to her east and went by Springfield as she flew into Arkansas. She covered another large portion of her route, flying 469 km (291 miles) before stopping to rest in the north central part of the state.

She slept in continuous forest at 1,190' elevation and just 338' from what looks like a house on a hilltop.

The location was...seriously... about 3 miles SE of Yellville and maybe 5 miles S of Flippin.

She is now well west of the Mississippi River about 163 miles to her east.

It is not too early to start to speculate about which route she will take from here.

Does she veer east and leave from the New Orleans area as she has done several times before?

Will she just fly south to wherever she meets the coast and simply head out over the Gulf of Mexico and roost on an oil platform?

Or will she veer west and follow the Gulf Coast shoreline down to South Padre Island where Gregg Doney and the Padre Peregrine Survey Team are again capturing fall migrant peregrines at this time?

Right now, she is on a course heading straight south into Louisiana.

But whatever she does, it will be unique, I am sure.

BTW Gregg reports that the trapping numbers at Padre just started picking up last night.

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Unknown said...

This is thrilling. Thank you so much for posting her progress and for filling in the details about where she roosts for the night, how her path compares with previous years, and what kind of food might be available to her in each place. This is the first website I go to when I turn on my laptop.