05 October, 2015

Day 16 - Arrival in Mexico

On Sunday, Island Girl continued flying to the SW, still crossing the Gulf of Mexico, and heading straight for the coast of Texas.

Her bearing took here directly to the US/ Mexico border where she stopped and roosted directly on the ground. She was just barely into Mexico at about 1.4 km (.8 mile) south of the Rio Grande border in Tamaulipas.

She slept right on or near the ground, as peregrines often do on these barrier islands during migration. Sometimes they will sleep directly on the ground but more often I have seen them using a small post, log or some type of flotsam to perch on. This is a back bay area and there is evidence of what we call the black algae mat where she was perched. She was inland about 3.7 km (2.8 miles) from the Gulf.

Ironically, she was also about 20 km (12.8 miles) south of the Padre Island Peregrine Project headquarters house on South Padre Island. This is where Gregg Doney and his crew are staying as they conduct one of the longest running peregrine studies in the world.

They have been tracking her progress in hopes of making contact with Island Girl. Close but not quite close enough. Too bad she didn't roost on one of the hotels in South Padre as they sometimes do.

Oh well.

Welcome back to Mexico and Latin America.

Question....Are our friends in Veracruz watching for her?

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Denny Hieronymus said...

Go to highway 52 on GE street view close to her 23.81950, -97.95683 roost site ( 420 yards) .........Gives you a idea of the ground shes traversing.