06 October, 2015

Day 17-Moving Down the Gulf Coast

On Monday, Island Girl continued south along the Gulf Coast of Mexico, fllying another 251 km (156 miles) for the day.

She reached the estuary near La Pesca and roosted in the foothills at 369' elevation. This site was located 22 km inland and overlooks a broad plain not far from the Rio Almagre and a series of large, interconnected salt water bays. Perfect shorebird habitat normally.

Gregg Doney reports that they were experiencing a red tide on the Texas beach and that seemed to drop the shorebird, tern and gull numbers to very low levels. Not sure how the tide impacts the birds but for the hawk trappers, you experience raw throats and flu-like symptoms as you drive down the beaches. Not pleasant.

Her roost was located 120 km (75 miles) due east of Ciudad Victoria and mid-way between the main highway south (Mexico180) and the beach. She was not far from the main road leading out to La Pesca.

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