13 October, 2015

From my colleague, Oscar Beingolea, in Peru

He writes,

" I have been told that two peregrines are already at wintering sites in Peru. One was observed by Fernando Angulo living in Chiclayo.This adult male arrived in October 11th.

The second one was observed by Renzo Piana  living in Lima. It arrived on October 7th."

Oscar is a leading expert on peregrines in Peru and has been studying and banding them there for many, many  years. He has a huge amount of experience with these birds. 

In the Peruvian coastal desert, he sees migrant North American peregines, both tundrius and anatum as well as the local South American subspecies, Falco peregrinus cassini.

I know that he always looks forward to the arrival of the North American birds each year in mid-October.

Oscar also documented the first peregrines to ever breed in Lima many years back. Quite unusual.

I am not sure if they breed in any other South American cities. Data anyone?

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