01 October, 2015

Mississippi Flyway

Island Girl is once again following the classic Mississippi Flyway across North America. She has done this several times in the past and seems to prefer this particular pathway.

She flew across all of Wisconsin, passing Neil and Laura, going by Madison and eventually reaching (and crossing) the Mississippi River on the border with Illinois and Iowa. She continued flying before reaching NE Missouri and then roosted in a woodlot, once again in an area of what looks like mostly pasture lands.

Check out the odd configuration of the trees here. Not sure why this effect but puzzling.

Elevation of the roost site was just 776'.

Once again, she is paralleling the big river about 26 miles to her east. Likely to be many, many other migrant bird species, along with other peregrines, flying with her.

She flew a solid 585 km (364 miles) for the day, putting in some good miles on her continuing journey south.

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