12 October, 2015

Resuming the migration....

On Sunday, Island Girl left Tuxpan and flew 332 km (206) miles south along the coastal plain of eastern Mexico. She passed Pozo Rica, Cardel, Jalapa and Veracruz although we don't know her exact route through these areas.

In the afternoon, she veered inland towards the Sierra foothills and eventually arrived in the city of Tres Valles.

She reached the SW outskirts of town at stopped off at 200' elevation.

Her roost was located in a residential area, very close to what looks like a house. The neighborhood is lightly forested with many homes, roads and people in the vicinity.

Since Google Streetview doesn't cover this specific road, we can't be too sure what she slept on but there are powerlines and poles in the area as seen from the main road to the east (Avenida Manuel Avila Camacho).

 I could see no evidence of cell towers but that doesn't mean much.

Apparently there is a college in town, the Colegio de Estudios Scientificos y Technologica. Any fans down in Mexico know a person in Tres Valles that could go look for us?

Anyway, Island Girl is on the move and should reach the Pacific side shortly.

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ronny ruiz said...

Hi.Greetings from Costa Rica. My family and I have become a great fan of Island girl and hope to be able to see her in the town of Liberia, a northwestern town of Costa Rica near the Pacific Coast. We get the feeling that about two years ago, we saw one of these falcons perched on one of the tall mango trees in our backyard. We knew something unusual was happening as local birds were scared and made a turmoil in the branches. It could have been Island Queen. The bird was hunting baby squirrels whose mothers nest on top of those trees. We are keeping track of her journey and are looking forward to seeing her, if we are lucky. If you need any help, please let us know. Or perhaps you could guide us when she flies through this town. This is a another wonder of nature and certianly a great God´s gift. We are excited to have discovered and learned about your project. Keep up the hard work.