20 October, 2015

Saturday in Limon, Costa Rica, 17 October

Once again, Island Girl has crossed into Costa Rica and arrived in the city of Limon. She had flown 177 km (110 miles) during the day and stopped off where she has been several times before. She sure likes it here.

She will often remain in this city for several days, sometimes even longer, while feeding on migrant birds like Yellow-billed Cuckoos.

Our friend and colleague, Marco Saborio, who lives in the capitol of Costa Rica, San Jose, drove all the way down to the Caribbean coastal city once again and looked for her during the weekend. He had hoped to photograph her there as he has done before.

Unfortunately, during his two days there, he was unable to find her. Too many towers, not enough good signals and some dangerous neighborhoods all worked against it.

So she is now in Limon once again.

Some of you have noticed that the maps have not been updated for several days.

There is a reason for this.

It has been suggested that it might not be a good idea to pinpoint her location while she is in Limon. Apparently there may be the potential for harm coming to her in this city.

So we have decided to hold off on publishing her location for the entirety of her stay there.

We will resume reporting again on the day she moves on.

Please be advised that she is still somewhere in Limon, knocking off birds and getting fat.


ronny ruiz said...

It is great to hear that Island girl is safe and sound...and you are right....although I regret not seeing her track on the map, I believe her safety is first priority. I am glad she is in my country having fun and getting ready to resume her flight on a full stomack.

Anonymous said...

I miss hearing about Island Girl.

Pacho said...

She's back in her South America home. Good for her.

Nancy Hilgert said...

I also miss hearing about Island Girl, waiting for her in Ecuador!!!

Anonymous said...

I see on the map that there is no more hits for her after April 7/16. does anyone know what has happened if anything?