15 October, 2015

Starting Across Central America-Guatemala

On Tuesday, Island Girl left Mexico after flying down a sort of central valley and paralleling a large reservoir (La Angostura). She put on some speed and traveled 336 km (209 miles) across Chiapas before crossing over into Guatemala and ascending up into the mountains.

This is one of the most gorgeous areas I have ever been and the indigenous people are strikingly handsome and beautiful wearing their classic and colorful embroidered clothing. Completely unique culture. Wish I could go back there....

As before, Island Girl is choosing  to follow a route down the mountain spine of Central America. I am sure it is much cooler at that elevation and I would also expect more atmospheric lift along the ridges.

She finally put in on a high forested ridge at 2,583 m (8,492'), by far the highest she has slept on this leg of her trip. Google Earth shows a massive amount of logging in this area.

She was about 160 km (100 miles) from the Pacific coast.

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