07 October, 2015

Tampico-This One is Fun!

Island Girl followed her usual route down the Gulf coast, reaching the city of Tampico. She had flown 176 km (109 miles) that Tuesday, her 17th day of migration.

For the first time on this southbound leg of her journey, she roosted right in the middle of this large coastal city in an urban neighborhood.

There is poor resolution on the Google Earth photo here so I could not tell what she had slept on. I looked for the shadow of a cell tower with no luck.

So here is what you can do. Many of you already know how to do this but for those that might not, give this a try. I guarantee it is worth all the effort.

Go back to the main page of our website.

Click on Southern Cross in yellow.

Click on tracking maps.

Select Island Girl.

Scroll down to her map.

Use the zoom bar to drill down on her last, southernmost red dot.

Click on this dot.

It should bring up a data box with her migration data. If you have the right box, the time should read 0700 GMT in the upper right.

That is equivalent to around midnight in Tampico so you know this location is her night roost.

Highlight just the two lat./long coordinates and hit copy.

Minimize the screen.

Now go to Google Earth. Download it if you do not already have it.

Paste her lat./long coordinates into the search bar at the top left of the screen and click on the "Search" box.

It will take you right to where she slept last night.

As you can see, the resolution is terrible.

HOWEVER, go to the top right of the screen, hover your mouse a bit and look for the street view icon of a gold person standing on a round green base. This is the icon for Google Street View.

Drag that icon right to her coordinates (between Ghana and Francia streets) and see what happens.

You should see a normal photograph of the street.

Then use your mouse to rotate the screen and the street view.

There, to the north, is a tall, lattice type communication tower with a microwave dish and several cell antennas.

That is where she slept last night!

We are so privileged to be alive right now to witness this stuff. I never would have even dreamed of this when I was younger.

Nice timing on your births all you peregrine fans. Good choice of centuries.

Google Earth. Microwave Telemetry. Solar powered satellite transmitters. Computers. GPS satellites.

Oh yeah, and the Internet.

Amazing how it all comes together and we can all learn this stuff together and yet from anywhere in the world.

I am curious to know where our audience (if any) is located. Add your country on the comments box if you will and let's see.


Bud Anderson said...

I will start. USA.

Fulham and Barnes Peregrines said...

London, UK

Denny Hieronymus said...

Ocean Shores,Washington State.....USA.

Alain Robert said...

Laval, Canada

Anonymous said...

Brownsville, Texas

Pacho said...

Santiago de Veraguas, Rep. of Panama.
I'm expecting Island Girl twice a year, but she always migrates north of my city, close to the Caribbean, there are not roads in that part of my province yet. An asphalt road is being built, but will be ready in two years.

robin robinson said...

Victoria BC, Canada. it is so cool to watch this unfold.!

John Erickson said...

John Erickson- Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Byron Hicks said...

Byron Hicks

Stockbridge Georgia

Dianna Moore said...

Ocean Shores, WA.

Lee Robinson said...

Lee Robinson
Bainbridge Island, WA

Jeannie Bird said...

Sutton, Quebec
I have introduced Island Girl to other friends from Canada, Ontario, N.B. (B.C.) and Costa Rica.