08 October, 2015

Tuxpan and a Perfect Hunting Site

Island Girl continued south along the Gulf coast as expected. She flew another 159 km (99 miles) and made her way into the center of the coastal city of Tuxpan.

She roosted right in the heart of the city and adjacent to the Rio Pantepec, a large, wide river that forms a perfect setting for hunting.

There should be pigeons, doves, egrets, shorebirds, terns, ducks and many other species in abundance especially during the migration period. I would not be surprised to see bats here, flying over the river at dusk.

Once again, Island Girl selected a large communications tower for roosting. It is a lattice type tower with several arrays of cell antennas, perfect for perching and for viewing the area.

Check out Google Street View again to see the actual tower.

Towers like this not only provide excellent visibility for peregrines to search for prey but also create a "launch site" for any falcon that is hunting.

They can fly with an immediately available momentum instead of having to take off from the ground, gain speed and mount up into the air. That all takes time and energy.

In contrast, a tower bird can launch off and immediately use gravity for acceleration.

The height of the tower provides another advantage too. Any  falcon taking off from such a height will already have a superior aerial position situated well above any prey bird flying below the tower.

No wonder she often uses such towers.

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Alain Robert said...

There is a pair of young falcons using an electric tower to lunch attacks. They just let themselves fall and aim at prey ...