16 April, 2016

16 April 2016.....Awaiting signals to Begin Season Eight.

Hi Everyone,

We are waiting to obtain the most recent signals from Island Girl. Don McCall reports no signals for the last two days.

This is pretty normal at Putu in Chile for this time of year. Her southern range is located right on the Chilean coast line and we have often experienced fog in the area at this time, sort of like San Francisco, California, in the fall.

If there is no sun, the solar panel cannot charge her battery and store then send her GPS coordinates.

We do know that Island Girl was doing just fine two days ago and had a normal austral summer season yet again.

I just e-mailed Christian Gonzalez in Chile to ask what the weather conditions are like there today. Should hear back shortly.

So, with luck, we will see her start to move at any moment. She may even have left already.

Her normal northbound departure dates over the last seven years have ranged from 11-17 April. In the last three years, as she becomes more experienced, she has left on later dates, i.e. 17, 16 and 17 April, respectively, or right about now.

This will be her eighth migration north carrying a GPS solar powered back pack PTT. We know that she had completed at least two migrations prior to being tagged so she is a minimum of 10 years old, and very possibly older.

Her remarkable longevity and stamina are amazing and we are stand in awe of her.

We are pretty sure that she is setting a world record for the number of successful round trip migrations for a tagged peregrine. We've talked with most of the other peregrine people and have not heard of any others lasting this long. If we are incorrect, please let us know.

So, welcome back to all of her fans around the world and let's see what happens this year.

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see that she is on her way! She came over within 5 miles of our house last year on 20 May. Knew she was on track to be nearby but didn't see her. Will be watching again this year.

Safe travels Island Girl!!!