04 October, 2016

Island Girl Has Reached the Gulf of Mexico

Over the past 3 days, Island Girl has continued south through Arkansas and then southwest through Louisiana, reaching (almost) the Gulf Coast by Sunday night (02 Oct). She barely crossed the border into Texas before stopping for the day.  The overnight GPS signal shows her roost location in the middle of a street adjoining an oil refinery and tank farm in the town of Orange, due east of Beaumont, Texas,  but it’s safe to say she was actually roosting on one of the many nearby towers or stacks.    She was only 1.9 kilometers from the Sabine River and Louisiana border, and 34 km (21 mi) from the Gulf of Mexico.  On Monday she continued southwest through Texas parallel to the Gulf Coast, rather than flying across a corner of the Gulf as she has typically done in the past few years – perhaps because she reached the Gulf Coast at a point farther west than usual this year.

For those who are interested, Island Girl's tracking page (http://frg.org/track_pefa12.htm) can be reached from the FRG website main page by clicking "Field Research" (in the top navigation bar), then "The Southern Cross Peregrine Project", then "Click here for Tracking Maps", then "Island Girl".  Or, just enter http://frg.org/track_pefa12.htm directly into your browser.  The tracking page is normally updated every day when Island Girl is migrating, even if this blog isn't being updated.  That page also contains links to the complete tracks for all of Island Girl's previous migrations.

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westendoldbird said...

thank you for the update, so happy that the transmitter is still going strong on Island Girl. Safe journey home Island Girl.